Incredible effects of Tangerine Peel

Tangerine is a normal fruit in daily life, people always like its sweet taste and bright appearance,but we always throw away the peels after enjoying it. In fact,it’s a waste, here let me introduce some incredible effects of tangerine peel. Tangerine peels can be stored for as long as possible. Those with a shelf life of less than three years are called peels or orange peels, and those with a shelf life of three years or more are called tangerine peels.

Incredible effects of Tangerine Peel

No.1 Anti carsickness
1 hour before getting on bus or car,press the fresh tangerine peel,release the oil mist to your nostril, after getting on bus or car, you can press it and release oil mist any time, will not be carsickness any more.
No.2 Tangerine Peel is a good medicine for a cough.
Dried Tangerine Peel 5g, put 500ml water, boiling 30 mins, then put 5g ginger crushed and brown sugar, drink the soup.

Incredible effects of Tangerine Peel1

No.4 Tangerine Peel can lower blood pressure
Cut Tangerine Peel to slice, drying, then fill into pillow, can lower blood pressure.
No.5 Tangerine Peel can cure burns
Wipe the burned skin with crushed fresh tangerine peel, can cure burns.

No.6 Tangerine Peel can treat constipation
Wash clean the tangerine peel, cut to slice, add sugar and honey, boiling 20mins, then cooling, drink one spoon one time, there times one day, can treat constipation.

No.7 Tangerine Peel can sober drunk people up
Fresh Tangerine Peel 30grams, add salt, boiling 20mins,drink the soup, very good effect to wake up drunk people.   

No.8 Tangerine Peel can cure dyspepsia
Put 50g tangerine peel into alcohol, soaking about 2-3 days, drink the alcohol when getting dyspepsia.

No.9 Tangerine Peel can cure chilblain
Burn tangerine peel,grinded to powder,mix some plant oil,wipe it on chilblain skin.   

No.10 Tangerine Peel can resist anxiety
10grams Tangerine Peel,100grams rice,boiling 40 mins,then drink the soup.

Incredible effects of Tangerine Peel2

Post time: Jul-23-2021